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The following is the list of our criteria:

  • The purpose of our awards will be to further our mission statement of providing support and/or opportunities to children and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder and other neuro-developmental disorders.
  • All awards will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • All awards will be subject to Board approval AND funds available.
  • The number of awards given each year will depend on funds available.
  • Those responsible for the award selection will be the Foundation's Board of Directors. Determining awards made under our program is solely the responsibility of the Board.
  • Meeting of criteria does not automatically result in an award.
  • One award per household/organization per month will be accepted.
  • One award per household/organization per 12-month period will be granted. If a recipient wishes to request another award, they will need to complete a separate application after one year and are subject to the same initial application criteria.
  • Applicants will be notified by letter or phone call of the Board's decision within 60 days of receipt of their application.
  • Any financial award will be a one-time payment made directly to the organization, provider of services or supplier.
  • The Board will not award payment for ongoing treatment at this time.
  • There is no age limit.
  • Awards may be given to special education programs.

 Criteria Specific to Families:

  • The Foundation will not provide monetary awards directly to individuals and/or families.
  • When appropriate, the Foundation will first seek out donations of services for families and/or individuals from community businesses and/or organizations. When donations of goods or services are not available or appropriate, the Foundation will provide funds directly to the business and/or organizations that are the direct provider of services or supplies.
  • Must show proof of disability from a licensed mental health or medical professional (award options will also be considered for families on waiting lists for diagnosis).
  • Copy of tax return and the last three paycheck stubs need to accompany application for ALL employed members of a family. If unemployed, a copy of SSI statement must accompany application. accompany application.
  • Applicants must meet HUD household income guidelines based on the number of individuals in the family:










Criteria Specific to Organizations:

  • The Foundation will provide awards to organizations that provide services including but not limited to multi-disciplinary diagnostic evaluations, supplies for special education classrooms, musical therapy, animal therapy and individual or family psychiatric/psychological therapy.
  • Applications from organizations must show written proof that the award will go directly to services for individuals with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder or other neuro-developmental disorder and must also be in line with our mission statement.

Examples of awards include the following:

  • Cost of medical equipment not covered by insurance to include co-payment or deductible for the equipment;
  • Videos or other needed teaching tools;
  • Birthday parties for child or sibling;
  • Special birthday gifts;
  • Respite for parents;
  • Family vacations (hotel, meals, entertainment);
  • Adopt a family for the holidays;
  • Supplies for special education programs;
  • One time award made to organization for music therapy, animal therapy, and individual or family psychiatric/psychological therapy;
  • Utility bill assistance;
  • Food assistance.

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Award Recipients

The JUSTin HOPE Foundation is proud to partner with UCAN (University Center for Autism and Neurodevelopment) and give a portion of the proceeds from the Spring Forward for Autism event.  The funds will be used to provide diagnostic evaluations for children in need. 

Photo from left to right: Art and Carol Reitz with UCAN director Debra Vigil and Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology Chair Thomas Watterson.


Written by Mom: Morgan has Williams Syndrome, which is a partial deletion of the 7th chromosome. It results in learning and growing disabilities as well as behavioral problems and some physiological problems. Morgan is also an extremely sweet, empathetic, and funny 12 year old girl. She loves being the "Queen of Red", food, her family, animals (especially her two dogs).  She also loves movies, aliens, playing on her MP3 player, and every holiday (especially her birthday)!

Morgan is so excited for the chance to attend Sierra Therapy Group's Social Thinking Summer Camp with the scholarship she was awarded by the JUSTin Hope Foundation! She will have the opportunity to enhance her social skills while participating in fun activities with other kids and the staff at Sierra Therapy!

Morgan and her whole family would like to thank the JUSTin Hope Foundation for this wonderful opportunity! We are truly grateful!


Jair is an 11-year-old with a diagnosis of autism.  He aged out of State funding for ABA therapy.  JUSTin HOPE was able to provide funds that will cover the costs for a little over two months' worth of weekly ABA therapy. 


Casey is a 21-year-old with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy.  He had never been away from home without a parent or teacher.  He was so excited that JUSTin HOPE had sent him to CampLotsAFun this July.  He's one happy camper!


Stephanie is a 20-year-old with a diagnosis of MR and psychotic disorder.  She was able to learn to ride a bike through the iCAN Bike camp this summer!  What an accomplishment!  JUSTin HOPE has also bought her a brand-new pink bike.



In collaboration with the Sierra Therapy Group, there were six kiddos who attended the Social Thinking Summer Camp!  Sebastian, Iven, Eduardo, Liam, Dominic and Juan are all featured above, in no particular order.  They all had a blast and learned so much working with each other!


The CLS (Comprehensive Life Skills) Class at Melton Elementary was given an award so that they may purchase vocational supplies, class materials, cooking supplies and be able to go on monthly community outings.  They are a precious group of kiddos!


Michael is a 19-year-old with a diagnoses of autism and seizure disorder. With our help, he will be attending CampLotsAFun for their winter session.  He has the best personality and always has a blast with everything that he does.  This will also allow mom and dad some much needed respite time.


Phillip is a five-year-old with a diagnosis of autism.  We were able to provide him with an iPad and cover, an application to help facilitate his communication, and a $100 gas card to help his parents get him to/from his therapy sessions.


Kevin is an eight-year-old with a diagnosis of autism and ADHD.  He really wanted a basketball hoop for Christmas.  His parents thought that it would serve as a great reinforcer during his therapy sessions.  JUSTin HOPE adopted his family for the holidays and got Kevin a 54" hoop, basketball, turkey dinner for his family, and a gift card for his sister.  Justin participated in the fun...


Verdi Elementary Strategies was awarded a sensory break area for their students.  It includes a weighted blanket, body sox, tactile discs, sensory balls, audio sedation tracks, and a groovy lava lamp.  This will be a great area for the kiddos to help regulate their sensory input.



Marvin Picollo Preschool Program was awarded adaptive equipment and learning toys for the kids to explore using their senses.  Their favorite toy is the musical swirl art with lights.  Good times!


Ana is a 24-year-old with a diagnosis of autism and severe ID.  We were able to help pay a substantial portion of her dental bill.  Check out her beautiful smile!


Christine is an 11-year-old with a diagnosis of autism.  She was given an award to attend social skills training, safety training and teaching programs geared towards independence.


Ellen is an adorable seven-year-old with an autism diagnosis.  She was given an ipad with a pink cover to help facilitate her communication. She's precious!


Zaid is a beautiful five-year-old with a diagnosis of autism.  We were able to help celebrate his birthday with his amazing family. He was given an ipad and we also gave his brothers gift cards for being such supportive siblings.


Lillian is an adorable 12-year-old with a neuro-developmental genetic deletion. The family was able to attend the Chromosome 18 conference in Connecticut and we assisted with their hotel stay.  It looks like they were having a great time!


Iven, Dominic, Morgan, Liam, Juan and Eduardo all had the privilege of attending the social camp at Sierra Therapy Group this month. They played some fun games that taught them perspective taking, thinking thoughts, social smarts and did some role-playing.  Good times!


Alan is a 20-year-old diagnosed with intellectual disability and Down syndrome. He was given an award for assistance to pay for guardianship legal fees.  Alan is nonverbal and requires assistance with meeting medical needs.  He's on his way to independence!


R. is a 13-year-old with a diagnosis of autism.  He was given an award that will get him started in ABA therapy to help with his social skills. Soon, he'll be telling Santa an even longer and more complex list of what he wants for Christmas!


Tony is an 18-year-old with a diagnosis of intellectual disability.  He was provided with legal fees for seeking guardianship. Every individual deserves a choice in independence!


Trinity Nicole (August 3, 2010 - October 17, 2014)

In loving memory of a sweet little princess.  JIH is proud to be able to help this amazing family.


Elmcrest Elementary Strategies Program was given an award for classroom supplies.  These supplies included oversized bean bags, corner kitchen, headphones, adaptive scissors and books just to name a few.  They are a happy group of kids!


Families for the Holidays- We were thrilled to adopt six families for the holidays this year!  There were so many wonderful and deserving families.  We hope to continue the legacy for years to come!


Eva is a six-year-old diagnosed with autism. JIH was able to award her an iPad and protective cover to help with her communication and comprehension skills. She is on her way to sweet-talking everyone!


Michael is a 20-year-old young man with a diagnosis of autism and seizure disorder. With the help of JIH, he will be attending Camp LotsAFun for their summer session which he absolutely loves.  His parents will get to enjoy some respite time.  We hope the whole family will have an outstanding week!


Morgan, Iven, Dominic, Alex, Liam and Juan were just a few that attended the social camp at Sierra Therapy Group this summer.  They played games that ranged from an ice breaker task to get to know others in the group to doing a crawl for social detective tools.  We only get better!


Lillian is a 13-year-old with a neurodevelopmental disorder.  Her and family were provided financial assistance to attendant a Chromosome 18 conference in Utah. They are such a sweet, loving family!


Juan is a 12-year-old with autism that was given an award to attend iCan Bike through the Down Syndrome Network.  It's an amazing program that taught him how to ride a bike!


Veteran's STEM Academy was given an award for classroom supplies.  They now have a learning center and a new social skills cirriculum. 


Lena Juniper Elementary was provided with classroom supplies for their new strategies program. They are a precious group of kiddos!


Haley is 14 years old and has a diagnosis of autism, 2Q37.3 deletion and ODD.  She was provided with an award to help cover her insurance copayments/deductibles for ABA therapy.  She is a beautiful, thriving, young lady!



We are so happy to have been able to assist this amazing family take a family vacation to Disneyland!  Zaid has been working so hard to make tremendous progress.  It was time for them to enjoy quality time as a family.


Jordyn is a five-year-old with autism and childhood apraxia.  He was given an iPad and $100 iTunes GC to help improve his abilities for communication.  He is such a hard worker.


Jeremiah is a two-year-old with autism.  He was given an iPad to help with his communication skills.  He's such a happy boy!


Phillip is a seven-year-old with autism.  His family was given an award for a gas card to help get to and from speech therapy.  He continues to make tremendous progress!




Special Ed Classroom at McQueen High was given a gift card to Walmart in order to provide health snacks to the students.




Tyler is a 15-year-old boy with autism, elipsy and immunodefiency. We were able to help his family get through a diffiult time by paying their rent and power bill for a month.  Inspirational family!


Melanie is a 14-year-old diagnosed with autism.  We are proud to have helped her family who were at one time homeless and have persevered.  We helped purchase furniture for thier home in order to provide stability. 


Dominic, Liam and Iven are truly amazing!  They were able to attend Sierra Therapy Group's Social Thinking Camp once again this year.  They have made tremendous progress throughout their continuing sessions!


Awards Given Since 2013: $55,299.