Welcome to the JUSTin HOPE Foundation

Our Mission Statement

Giving hope to individuals and families in Nevada affected by neurodevelopmental disorders, including but not limited to autism, by providing support and/or opportunities that will have a meaningful impact.


Northern Nevada Firefighters Calendar


The 18-month Northern Nevada Firefighters calendar are available for purchase at the JUSTin Hope Center, Sierra Nevada Chocolate Co. or online:  https://www. sierranevadachocolates.com/ order/



We wholeheartedly appreciate these gentlemen from Reno Firefighters Association, Sparks Firefighters Association and Truckee Meadows Firefighters Association IAFF 2487 for coming together to support our community!


Membership Program

Beginning February 1st, JUSTin Hope Foundation will be a Membership Organization. The Annual Family Membership fee is $50.00 per immediate family and allows participation in various events throughout the year. These events include:

    • Monthly Movie Nights
    • Monthly Family Meetup at Fly High
    • Monthly Support Group
    • Valentine's Ball
    • Easter Event
    • Summer Event
    • Fall Festival
    • Christmas Party
    • $5.00 off each immediate family participant in the Spring Forward for Autism Run/Walk (registration must be completed by March 14th)


Membership-Waiver Agreement PDF


For financial assistance or if you are interested in sponsoring a family call us at 775-453-9262 or email us at info@justinhope.org.



G.A.P. (Giving Awards Program)- We provide financial assistance to bridge the gap between what families can afford and what they need to live their lives to the fullest potential.  For more information about the award process, please visit the "Awards" tab. Promo Video


Resources- We maintain an extensive list of available resources in our community. Please contact us via email or phone for the list and we can help guide you on where to begin. We also have a "Lending Library" available to our families. Please contact us for the list of obtainable books/folders that can be checked out. Promo Video


First Responder Training- We train community law enforcement and firefighters on learning the signs of autism and other related conditions and provide them tools on how to effectively interact with those individuals. We also maintain a dispatch registry form. Please click on the Community Safety tab for additional information. Promo Video


Monthly Family Support Group/Workshops- We coordinate meetings of families who have similar needs.  This allows families to network and exchange information while the children are allowed to play with one another in a safe environment. This includes parent-to-parent support, resources and education workshops that help families with their daily struggles.  Check our sidebar for the next scheduled Family Support Group and Workshop. Please let us know if you have a particular topic that you would like to learn more about. Promo Video


Sibshops- We partner with other organizations to provide siblings(ages 8-13) of children with any disability with opportunities for peer support.  We plan a wide range of activities that focus on the brothers and sisters who will most likely have the longest-lasting relationship with the person who has special needs.  Check our sidebar for the next scheduled Sibshop. Promo Video


Respite- Our highly trained staff are providing respite services currently at our resource, respite and recreation center. Giving high quality and engaging respite care to your loved one.  This allows you as the caregiver a little extra time for yourself and to balance other responsibilities. Click on our respite tab for more information.






Justin's Story

JUSTin Hope Foundation was inspired by Justin Reitz. Our second precious son was born December 31, 2002. When Justin was around the age of two is when we started to question his regression, eventually receiving a formal diagnosis.  And so it was, our journey began...

Our lives were being turned upside down trying to figure out which path to take and how we could help our child. There were so many options to choose from and so many questions that remained unanswered. All the while, we were caring for Justin's older brother who was only 14 months older and were expecting our third son.

When a child is diagnosed with any neuro-developmental disorder, parents often tend to prioritize that child's needs above all else, sometimes without realizing the effect it has on their other children, their marriage, or themselves.

We know too well how stressful this can be on a family. JUSTin HOPE was founded by a group of dedicated individuals who believe that "a little bit of help gives a lot of hope." We want to help by providing awards as well as supports to families.  Our goal is to help individuals and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder and other neuro-developmental disorders by bridging the gap between what they can afford and what they need to live their lives to the fullest potential as individuals and as a family.


Please let us know how we can help you...


The JUSTinHOPE Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.